Endangered Local Landmarks

Connell House : Pebble Beach (Richard Neutra)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

welcome to our new public presence.

we were once merely a group of architects, designers and local historians with a personal interest in modern preservation through documentation.

today, we have chosen to take our private charge public in an effort to enlighten and educate the public about the local monterey bay examples of 20th century modern architecture we possess.

our goal is to provide community awareness of existing and possible threatened examples of our modern architectural heritage no matter how private the property or public. it is our hope as we educate and enlighten you about all the 20th century examples of modern architecture in the monterey bay that you will also support our cause for preserving our architectural legacy for future generations.

we are the custodians of our local architectural modern past...and at times advocates for true preservation.

it is our hope that you will find within our databases the many wonderful contributions that dot our local landscape. thus, should a cause come to our attention that deems we take action then we hope that your voice will be with us.